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Sebastião Salgado’s “Genesis”

Sebastião Salgado – Genesis

Sebastião Salgado’s “Genesis” | PDN Photo of the Day – If you’re in New York, please try to see this exhibition at the International Center of Photography before it finishes in January. I went last year when it was at the Natural History Museum in London and it was truly sublime.

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Takehito Miyatake

Takehito Miyatake at Spoon & Tamago

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Earth, the penultimate frontier?

OK, OK, last space-themed post for a while, I promise, but I couldn’t resist posting the photographs of Vincent Fournier, they’re astounding. (via Creative Review)

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Sipapu, Looking Up

via PDN Photo of the Day.

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Earthquake in Haiti


Earthquake in Haiti – The Big Picture

Donate Now to the DEC (an umbrella organisation for 13 British humanitarian aid agencies).

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UK Photographers’ Rights Guide v2

Thanks to Simon for the comment in my previous post regarding UK photographers’ rights for letting me know that Linda Macpherson and he have updated their handy A4 guide to reflect the current legal landscape. Get it here:

UK Photographers’ Rights v2

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LIFE’s image archive

LIFE magazine

LIFE magazine’s image archive, hosted by Google. You could quite easily lose hours looking through that, there’s so many truly great photos there. (via

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Sports Shooter Contest Winners

Some truly stunning images from I’d recommend browsing through the previous winners links at the bottom of the page, the quality is astounding throughout.

(via Rob Galbraith)

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UK Photographers’ Rights

Look both ways before crossing the street

There have been a several articles in the UK press lately highlighting the increasing difficulty photographers face amidst the fearful climate that’s been instilled in the general public by bogeymen such as paedophiles and terrorists. Stop-and-searches have become frequent, photographers are harassed, told to delete images and sometimes assaulted, it’s all quite worrying.

Thankfully, Linda Macpherson (LL.B, Dip.L.P., LL.M), a lecturer in law at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, has created a superb short guide explaining the legal rights of English and Welsh citizens when taking photographs. It’s designed to be portable, so can be printed double-sided on a piece of A4 and carried in your wallet or camera bag, and gives an informative overview that covers restrictions, private property, national security and other issues:

UK Photographers’ Rights

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Wayne Levin

Beautiful work by Wayne Levin

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