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Google Webmaster Tools: A Comprehensive Guide

Search Engine Journal Subscribe via RSS or email: Google Webmaster Tools: A Comprehensive Guide September 26th, 2007 by Eric Lander, Associate Editor | 2 Comments Web site owners and marketers have always craved more information with regards to how Google sees their site. Google Webmaster Tools address these and other needs as they provide support for those looking to diagnose errors, improve a site’s visibility and declare preferences on how to handle web site listings. Of course, before you can begin using Webmaster Tools, you will need to have an active Google Account. Once you have an account, you can get started by accessing: Verification Before you can get too far, you need to tell Google what sites you want to have controls over. Just enter the URL as prompted, and you’ll soon see that you need to verify your control of a site. You can choose to upload a blank HTML file, or, paste a META tag in your home page’s HEAD. Either way, [From Google Webmaster Tools: A Comprehensive Guide]

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