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Detailed article on Lightroom’s new sharpening & noise reduction

Martin Evening, author of the seminal Adobe Photoshop for Photographers, has an incredibly detailed article on Lightroom’s new (v1.1) sharpening and noise reduction features. This is an update for his latest book, The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book: The Complete Guide for Photographers.

Lightroom Updated to v1.1

Update: Computer Darkroom provides comprehensive coverage of the new features.

James Duncan Davidson has a good overview of the new features in Lightroom. Mikkel Aaland also summarises what’s new. I’ve just had a play with the new sharpening option and it’s much, much better than version 1, here’s hoping the other tweaks are as good!

You can download the v1.1 updater here.

5 ways to speed up Lightroom

The O’Reilly Digital Media blog has some good tips to speed up Lightroom. For instance, rendering 1:1 (and standard) previews after import makes a huge difference, it’s well worth doing this first rather than having Lightroom compute them on the fly, as otherwise you’ll be constantly waiting for the app to catch up.

Neat Lightroom trick for cloning out dust

A neat Lightroom trick for cloning out dust:

Zoom in to 1:1. Starting at the top-left of the image, press the “page down” key. The window will move down the photo until it gets to the bottom… and then jump across and up to the next previously-hidden part of the image. This’ll repeat until you end up at the bottom-right of your photograph. Fantastic!

It’s the perfect way to quickly scan for and spot out dust; you can tell these guys are really passionate about a great user interface. Via an interview with Mark Hamburg, founder of Adobe Lightroom.

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