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UK Photographers’ Rights

Look both ways before crossing the street

There have been a several articles in the UK press lately highlighting the increasing difficulty photographers face amidst the fearful climate that’s been instilled in the general public by bogeymen such as paedophiles and terrorists. Stop-and-searches have become frequent, photographers are harassed, told to delete images and sometimes assaulted, it’s all quite worrying.

Thankfully, Linda Macpherson (LL.B, Dip.L.P., LL.M), a lecturer in law at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, has created a superb short guide explaining the legal rights of English and Welsh citizens when taking photographs. It’s designed to be portable, so can be printed double-sided on a piece of A4 and carried in your wallet or camera bag, and gives an informative overview that covers restrictions, private property, national security and other issues:

UK Photographers’ Rights

No Second Chance

When two planes from the “Zelazny” display team collided killing both pilots at a weekend airshow over Radom in Poland, photographer Kacper Pempel nailed the full horror of the crash in a sequence which takes us from the moment three three planes converge to the violence of the impact and the aftermath as debris and a few recognisable components seem to hang in the sky and then rain down like confetti around the crippled remains of one of the aircraft.

Crash 1

[From No Second Chance]

Manx surfing photos on the BBC

Kenzie surfing at Drivers

My friend Kenzie featured in a BBC article on surfing in the Isle of Man today. The main article photo and eight of the fourteen in the gallery were taken by me, shame the credits are relegated to the alt attribute!

I’ve not got a decent gallery online yet, mainly because I’m not happy with any of the Flickr plugins for WordPress I’ve tried so far, can anyone recommend anything? Maybe it’s time to have a play with Lightroom’s Web Galleries…

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