Goodbye, Steve, and thank you

Steve Jobs, 1955?2011

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Tony Wilson’s headstone

Creative Review – Saville and Kelly’s memorial to Tony Wilson.

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How Ink Is Made

Fascinating. (via ISO50)

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Eggs and Sausage

Tom Waits and typography, what’s not to love? ‘Eggs and Sausage’ gets a super nice video courtesy of Jackie Lay, who won a Certificate of Typographic Excellence for it from the TDC. (via DesignCrave)

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Vitesse: A New Font Family from H&FJ

Impeccable work, as ever – a distinctive new slab from H&FJ: Vitesse

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Earth, the penultimate frontier?

OK, OK, last space-themed post for a while, I promise, but I couldn’t resist posting the photographs of Vincent Fournier, they’re astounding. (via Creative Review)

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The Vandelles

A new release from Si at Spoilt Victorian Child Records, described as ‘very very loud fuzz-drenched guitars’? Oh, go on then.

The Vandelles

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Under The Milky Way

Purely coincidentally, I came across some more beautiful space-themed posters via The Ministry of Type.

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A practical boarding pass redesign – A practical boarding pass redesign – Timoni Grone details the redesign of a boarding pass, factoring in the needs of the passenger and the airport staff. This is what good design entails – function, not just making things ‘look pretty’.

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The business card of Paul Rand

Posted on several design blogs already, but worth mentioning nonetheless. I love it because it conveys precisely the information it needs to and nothing more. Because it’s Paul Rand. (via Monoscope)

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Linked List

BBC Internet Blog: A new global visual language for the BBC’s digital services. Explains how the BBC unified its visual website style by underpinning its many sites with a grid, the consistent use of colour & icons, and a universal media player. I didn’t know that the Beeb’s styleguide was created by Neville Brody!

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Rendering Fear: The Graphic Design of Al Qaeda

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Chicken vs. Penguin – cute 2 minute short film by Marko Slavnic which won 1st prize ($100,000) in the Nikon USA ‘Nikon Festival’ competition.

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Wildlife photographer of the year stripped of his award | The Guardian. I remember being blown away when I first saw this image ? it’s an astounding capture ? and thought it rightfully deserved to win the Natural History Museum’s 2009 prize. Unfortunately, though, it appears that the photographer, rather than camping out for months in the wild, instead cheated and hired a tame wolf. Oh!

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Death Row – an infographic detailing where the death penalty is still in use around the world, and where it has been abolished. (hat tip Reprieve)

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Book Review – Chroma: Design, Architecture and Art in Color – we make money not art.

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ASME ? 2009 Best Cover Winners and Finalists.

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How to Say: Van Gogh by the BBC Pronunciation Unit.

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