Fibonacci Zoetrope Sculptures

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Face Hacking – Nobumichi Asai

Nobumichi Asai, of omote fame, shows his latest work “Face Hacking” projected onto the faces of Japanese boy band SMAP live on Japanese show “SMAP x SMAP” (via Spoon & Tamago)

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The World’s Most Ancient Trees

Heart of the Dragon (Yemen, 2010) by Beth Moon
Beautiful dark twisted fantasies: the  most ancient trees | The Guardian

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British Wildlife Photography Awards 2014

Autumn Jewels by Peter Cairns
British Wildlife Photography Awards 2014 | The Guardian

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Weather Man

Arbugaeva 1 by Evgenia Arbugaeva

Weather Man by Evgenia Arbugaeva

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STREET by James Nares

More info on vimeo. via subtraction

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Jerry Seinfeld’s Clio Acceptance Speech

This is a brilliant. He makes the whole room laugh while delivering some unvarnished truth to the advertising industry (via Laughing Squid)

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Sebastião Salgado’s “Genesis”

Sebastião Salgado – Genesis

Sebastião Salgado’s “Genesis” | PDN Photo of the Day – If you’re in New York, please try to see this exhibition at the International Center of Photography before it finishes in January. I went last year when it was at the Natural History Museum in London and it was truly sublime.

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Takehito Miyatake

Takehito Miyatake at Spoon & Tamago

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A self-powered radio the size of an ant

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Linked List

A Raw Egg On Rice Is A Japanese Feast – Tofugu

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A Teenager’s View on Social Media — Medium (via Swissmiss)

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The Marshall Project continues to provide insightful commentary on American justice. Recommended reading.

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Lego Friends – this comic on ‘Lego for girls’ by @SDtheComic is great

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9 basic principles of responsive web design – uses some clever little animations to explain various concepts (via @paul_irish)

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Amazon’s Echo Chamber – Dustin Curtis pulls no punches in his critique of Amazon’s hardware strategy, and he’s not wrong.

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What You Need to Know About WireLurker – respected security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski explains the details of WireLurker, a new OS X trojan found circulating in a number of Chinese warez distributions that’s particularly interesting because it attacks any USB-connected iOS devices, jailbroken or otherwise.

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No, Spotify isn't paying more to artists than iTunes in Europe (yet) – Ian Betteridge picks apart the misleading stories going around, post- Taylor Swift’s label pulling her music from Spotify

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