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1976 Olympic logo design

We nipped across to Radio Days (careful, the site’s got tunes) in Waterloo earlier today, which is one of our favourite shops in London, with a fantastic collection of vintage clothing, collectables and memorabilia, from the 1920s to the 1970s. (Actually, the whole of Lower Marsh Street is pretty groovy.)

Anyway, we picked up an old copy of Design Magazine from January 1975, and its feature article was all about the design of the Montreal 1976 Olympic Games logo. It makes for pretty interesting reading 32 years later, especially with all the hoo-ha about the London 2012 logo.

Apparently the logo represents a podium, a running track, and a letter M for Montreal. Podium: yep, we’re with you. Running track: um, a bit. M for Montreal: not so much, what with an M having two humps, not three.*

Since we’re feeling generous, you can read all about the logo’s development, as we’ve scanned the whole article for you. Check it out r