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Eggs and Sausage

Tom Waits and typography, what’s not to love? ‘Eggs and Sausage’ gets a super nice video courtesy of Jackie Lay, who won a Certificate of Typographic Excellence for it from the TDC. (via DesignCrave)

Josef Müller-Brockmann on Leading

Good leading can carry the eye optically from one line to the next, giving it confidence and stability, and enabling it to absorb and remember more easily what has been read. When reading is smooth and easy, the meaning content of the words is grasped more clearly; they acquire more character and expression and etch themselves more sharply on the mind.

? Josef Müller-Brockmann, Grid Systems in Graphic Design

I Love Typography’s favourite fonts of 2009

I Love Typography’s favourite fonts of 2009.

Vitesse: A New Font Family from H&FJ

Impeccable work, as ever – a distinctive new slab from H&FJ: Vitesse

ScreenFonts | The FontFeed

Speaking of Yves at FontShop, he writes a great semi-regular column on the typography of movie posters called ScreenFonts.

French Anti-Piracy Org Hadopi uses Pirated Font in Logo

Thoroughly researched, definitive article on how the French anti-piracy organisation Hadopi used a pirated font in its own logo. Great journalism by Yves at The FontFeed.

Typeface Designers Wrestle With the World of Pixels

The New York Times interviews H&FJ about the difficulties facing type designers as their work transitions from the printed page to electronic devices ? Typeface Designers Wrestle With the World of Pixels

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