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Under The Milky Way

Purely coincidentally, I came across some more beautiful space-themed posters via The Ministry of Type.

A practical boarding pass redesign – A practical boarding pass redesign – Timoni Grone details the redesign of a boarding pass, factoring in the needs of the passenger and the airport staff. This is what good design entails – function, not just making things ‘look pretty’.

The business card of Paul Rand

Posted on several design blogs already, but worth mentioning nonetheless. I love it because it conveys precisely the information it needs to and nothing more. Because it’s Paul Rand. (via Monoscope)

Small Stakes posters

Consistently superb gig posters from THE SMALL STAKES

International Year of Astronomy posters

Lovely retro posters by Simon Page (via BB-Blog).

A_Stool by Jonathan Nesci

Gorgeous work from Hale Industrial Design (via swissmiss).

Elisa Strozyk?s Wooden Textiles


2010 Studio On Fire Letterpress Calendar

Studio On Fire | Design & Letterpress Printing Minneapolis

Paper Bottles

BrandImage 360 Paper Bottle

Interesting paper bottles over at The Dieline package design blog.

Wall vinyl

My friend Kristian, a talented artist and soon to become a fantastic teacher, turned 30 a couple of weeks ago. After hunting for an age trying to find a good birthday present for such a milestone, I finally discovered Domestic’s website and knew that one of their vinyl pieces would be perfect. Not too expensive, either, though the postage adds a slight pang and doesn’t appear to be particularly swift (as my order still hasn’t arrived yet).

Another gift I’d highly recommend ? at least, If your intended recipient is a chocolate addict like me ? is just about anything from l’Artisan du Chocolat. In particular, their liquid salted caramels are incredible; they do remind me of a certain South Park song, though!

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